ACS Specs | Working With ACS
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Working With ACS: Our Process

ACS Marketing is like no other product representative firm. We are involved in every stage of the process. From design specification to product ordering until final installation, you have an advocate and partner to make your dreams become a reality. Please learn more about how ACS Marketing can help you.


Assist the Architect/Designer Every Step of the Way

Our main goal is to protect the vision of the Architect/Designer and make sure the project turns out the way they want. We start by helping the A/D with all the specifications of the products to be order. We then gather the resources for them and place the order with a local distributor. Finally, ACS Marketing helps to coordinate the proper mechanical (plumber) to be onsite for correct installation.

Create Seamless Product Orders With the Distributor

After working closely with the Architect/Designer, we understand the exact products that need to be ordered. We then take this list to the local distributor to place the order and ensure its delivery. For the Distributor, we are creating the sale for you and finding brand new markets to sell your products. ACS Marketing is actively engaged in the architectural and design community to generate sales and then bring them to you. We work as the liaison to benefit everyone.


Global Network to Ensure Quality from Start to Finish

ACS Marketing has partners worldwide to assist with the installation of products. If you order a collection of faucets in Los Angeles, but need them installed in a hotel in New York, that is not a problem! Unlike other manufacturer representative firms, we have global partners that are able to help with onsite assistance to ensure the goals of a project are achieved. From start to finish, we are your advocate.

Understanding of the High-End Luxury Market

For over 23 years, ACS Marketing has been serving the needs of the high-end luxury market. Architects and designers in this arena desire luxurious products to achieve the results required by their demanding clientele. Our team, and the manufacturers we represent, will help you meet these needs and find the perfect solutions. Our experience is an asset that will become invaluable during the build process.