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Build a better bathroom. A well-designed product engages the senses as well as the intellect. With its unique form, Geberit Monolith communicates not only a high degree of usefulness, but also a refinement of the bathroom aesthetic.

Good design objectively improves a product. Plumbing pros know that products from Geberit not only look good: they are designed to install easily and function flawlessly. A look behind the bathroom wall at the Geberit system reveals a neat, compact installation. No compromise of quality, functionality, or sustainability is to be found. That’s how we believe high-tech in the sanitary industry should be.

Innovative and reliable. Geberit products are designed for remodeling and renovation as well as new construction. For decades, Geberit has been a worldwide leader in sanitary systems and bathroom design. Once installed, many Geberit products are invisible to the homeowner. And, thanks to their high quality, they operate reliably for many years, with practically no maintenance. Geberit offers products that make a compelling visual statement, such as the Geberit Monolith and our extensive line of decorative flush plates.


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